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Refugee Talent

We exclusively serve refugees, refugee claimants, and forcibly displaced people seeking meaningful economic inclusion. With offices across Canada and globally, we focus on the economic empowerment of refugees by facilitating meaningful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Talent In Canada

For refugees residing in Canada, we offer services and programs to accelerate your career journey.

Career Readiness

Our tailored career support for newly settled refugees includes career pathing, resume building, interview preparation, mentorships, language acceleration, networking workshops, and credential recognition to expedite their career readiness.

Employment Support

Refugee Talent Hub, our employment program, helps newly settled refugees overcome hiring barriers by connecting them directly with motivated employers seeking refugee talent.

Entrepreneurship Support

Our entrepreneurship programs are committed to empowering refugee founders with early-stage, high-growth businesses, by providing essential resources to overcome key obstacles: securing funding and receiving the necessary training to turn ideas into reality.

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Talent Outside Canada