Companies now more than ever appreciate that they live and work in  communities and they have a responsibility and opportunity to make these communities thrive. There are many ways to engage in and display corporate social responsibility, with mentorship programs being an especially good approach given they also support organizational human resource initiatives. 

Corporate mentorship programs engaging refugee communities offer:

  • Employees learn to better understand their entry and advancement in their industry
  • Employees develop coaching and leadership skills
  • Employees give back to community while enhancing their professional development
  • Employers have access to talented refugees with backgrounds in their industry

Employers can support refugees to jumpstart their careers and can benefit from their new or existing mentorship programs  by working with mentees though Welcome Talent Canada. We are seeking employers from all industries to participate, as we have refugee clients from diverse backgrounds.

Contact us to explore how we can support your business to develop/enhance your corporate mentorship program!