Skilled Canadian Professionals can support refugees to jumpstart their careers and benefit from the Welcome Talent Canada mentorship program. We are seeking mentors from all professional backgrounds to participate, as we have refugee clients from diverse backgrounds.


  • A minimum of two years of professional experience
  • Strong understanding of their industry and access to an active professional network
  • Commit to a minimum of two-three 1-hour meetings per month, over a 4 month period (total 12 hours). These hours can be done in-person or virtually.


  • Act as a trusted advisor and provide ongoing support, guidance, and impartial advice to achieve career goals

  • Provide guidance to mentee to explore their career path and options

  • Support mentee to improve their employment profile (i.e. Resume, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch)

  • Share understanding of your industry and Canadian workplace and business culture

  • Introduce mentee to your contacts so they can build and expand their professional network

  • Provide support and encouragement


  • Enhanced leadership and coaching skills

  • Better appreciation of challenges of entering and advancing in your own sector

  • Self-improvement by helping and teaching others

  • Give back, feel good!

To apply and get matched to a mentor, click on the button below and our program staff will contact you to complete an intake interview. 

Key Mentorship Documents