WES Gateway

Get your education credentials recognized in Canada

World Education Services (WES) launched the Gateway Program in 2019. Through the WES Gateway Program, WES can reliably assess the education of refugees who, because of adverse circumstances in their country, have limited proof of their academic achievements.

A WES Gateway Program credential evaluation report can help eligible individuals continue their education, become licensed in their field, or take the next step on their career pathway in Canada. The report can be accepted by higher education institutions, regulatory bodies, and employers.  At this time, only refugees who received academic credentials/degrees from the following countries are eligible:

To conduct these evaluations, WES works with designated partners to identify clients who are eligible for the Program. Jumpstart is a WES partner and can provide national-wide support to facilitate refugees’ credential assessment process. The Gateway Program will support refugees from the countries mentioned above to pursue their professional and academic goals in Canada.

Jumpstart is pleased to partner with WES to support you in receiving a credential evaluation. We will help you submit your application and support you along the way to credential recognition. The cost of a credential evaluation is typically CAD$200. This is a WES fee to cover program costs, Jumpstart does not charge any fees to clients. Financial assistance may be available to cover the cost if it creates a financial barrier for you. For more details about WES Gateway you can visit the WES website

If you want an assessment of your credentials through the WES Gateway program, please fill out the application below.