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Managing Director
Mustafa Alio was born in Latakia, Syria and came to Canada in 2007 for his studies. His own experiences of refuge, integration, and inclusion have been the foundation of his work and advocacy. He received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration and completed a post-graduate degree in Marketing Management and Financial Services. Mustafa is the Co-Founder, and currently the Managing Director of Jumpstart Refugee Talent, a Co-Founder and active board member of the Syrian Canadian Foundation, and a member of the Network for Refugee Voices. In addition, he is an advisory committee member on (LERRN) seven-years research Local Engagement Refugee Research Network in (Lebanon, Turkey, Tanzania, and Kenya) about the role of civil society, local actors and refugee-led organizations in promoting protection and creating solutions. Mustafa has contributed a number of articles on refugees’ issues for board and international public audiences. Some of his articles can be read in the New York Times, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and The Apolitical.