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Program Manager
Mehrangiz Monsef (She/Her) is a community leader and activist who is committed to peace, justice and transformational change, which benefits us all. Mehrangiz has lived experience as an Afghan Refugee, and who made the biggest journey across the oceans to Turtle Island (North America) with her mom and two sisters, where they have resided for over a quarter of a century! As a student of the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies and Psychology, Mehrangiz undertook a learning journey that reconnected her with her roots and culture, while also gaining a better understanding of whose homelands she is on, how to best fulfill her responsibilities and Treaty obligations and the type of communities she wishes to cultivate. As a result, she founded and or managed many projects such as the Nogojiwanong Youth Solidarity Initiative, Indigenous and Muslims Uniting Initiative and Neenahnew Oskapewasik: ‘Passing the Bundles onto the Path of the Young Ones’; all aimed at building relationships founded on respect, honesty and unity. Thus, leading to understanding and solidarity between Indigenous and Newcomer/Immigrant communities. Upon graduating from Immigration Consulting Diploma Program, Mehrangiz has been involved as a Refugee Advocate in the Refugee and Settlement Sector who identifies and offers solutions to the systemic barriers that hold organizations/establishments back from achieving equity and their full potential. Her leadership in initiatives like EMPP and the Collaboration Catalysts Partnership (CCP) Project have shone light on the reciprocal and transformative powers of hiring and centering Refugees. Thereby revealing that engaging-with and seeking knowledge, expertise and wisdom Refugees in any setting is the smart decision– in the short and long-term. And in fact, this type of innovation is exactly what the Canadian and Global economy needs as we collectively respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic and re-build effectively and sustainably. Mehrangiz is truly excited to connect with Canadian Employers who are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and are ready to take the smart and bold decision to hire highly skilled global Refugees and experience for themselves, the positive and transformative effects!