RCJP has worked with the government on its Economic Mobility Pathways Project, which started out as a pilot program to test the possibility for refugees to immigrate as skilled workers. Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) successfully admitted its first skilled immigrant, Mohammed Hakmi, to Canada this past March. 

Driven by a love for web development, Hakmi had successfully completed the information technology program at Al-Baath University. He was forced to flee Homs in 2011 due to the war, and was settled in Beirut for eight years. TBB worked with Hakmi over the summer, helping him with his resume and job interviews. By the time his residence application was submitted, he had already secured a job at Bonfire, a procurement tech startup based in Waterloo. This amazing feat highlights a new process that empowers refugees to find meaningful work and security.

Omar Salaymeh, one of our co-founders, is also Bonfire’s Executive Director of Client Success. He met Dana Wagner, TBB’s partnerships advisor in Toronto, through RCJP, which allowed the facilitation of Bonfire’s refugee hiring process.

After announcing a federal investment program that will scale up high growth firms and create more skilled jobs, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with tech company employees in Kitchener on Tuesday, April 16;  during this time, Hakmi was able to share his story with Trudeau. RCJP is extremely proud of these accomplishments and wishes all the best to Hakmi and the Bonfire team.