Refugee YES

Refugee Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) 

Refugee YES brings together young refugee talent, employers, and refugee ambassadors to enable refugee youth to start their careers in Canada. We deliver employer-partnered workshops to educate youth on career-entry employment opportunities across various industries and engage employers seeking young talent. 

Refugee Youth

Groups of 15 refugee youth (18-29yrs) participate in workshops designed to inform them on career entry opportunities, and support them to secure employment.


2-3 Employers who are seeking to engage youth and recruit talent deliver information sessions on their business and industry, and conduct speed interviews to identify talent.

Refugee Ambassadors

Local refugees serve as ambassadors for their communities. They organize the workshops and engage youth to participate.   

Program Objectives

Educate Youth

Workshops feature advice to young refugee students and professionals on building careers in Canada. 

Employ Youth

Workshops feature speed interviews with employers to support refugees in securing entry-level career employment – be it their first job or career transition. 

Engage Employers

Employers seeking talent who give talks about their business, diversity initiatives, and industry prospects. 

Jumpstart is thankful to its partnership with Starbucks Foundation to deliver 6 workshops in cities across Canada. Two of six events have been delivered pre-COVID, and 4 more took place in 2021.