Hack Your Future

Hack Your Future is Canada’s only coding academy dedicated to supporting refugees. We provide refugee youth with programming and coding skills to launch IT careers and succeed in the 21st century job market. 

Training refugee youth in computer programming significantly boosts their chances of fulfilling, long term meaningful employment. Plus, we support the Canadian economy to satisfy the demand for tech talent in the workforce. Everyone wins. 

The training program is 6 months long, with weekly technical sessions facilitated by professionals, instructors, and tech companies in our partnership network.  No previous background or experience in IT is needed. 

Hack Your Future - Netherlands

The Hack Your Future program was originally developed in Amsterdam then expanded to Brussels, Copenhagen and Toronto. The coding program empowers refugee youth and is centered on full-stack web development. Since 2016, over 120 Students have graduated in Amsterdam with over 85% being subsequently employed.

Hack Your Future - Canada

With very limited resources and run fully by volunteers, Jumpstart launched Hack your Future in Canada in 2019. We graduated two cohorts, accepting 34 refugee students of 107 applicants ,achieving a 70% graduation rate, and a delivering a 60% employment rate.

Tutuion Free Education

Similar programs can cost $15,000, making it finanically inaccessible. Our program is free. We can also provide you with a laptop if you need one.


High Success Rate

When you graduate you receive a guaranteed job interview and opportunities to get hired by one of our partner companies!

We are in this together 

 We have a community of  tech professionals ready to support you from your first day of class to your first tech job.

What We Teach

We teach you the fundamentals of full-stack web development.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard language for defining the structure of a webpages and web applications


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on a screen. In other words, it specifies the styling and design charactaristics.


 A programming language commonly used in web development to add awesome functionality for your site or app.

Node JS

NodeJS is a Javascript server environment. It is primarily used for developing server-side and network applications.


React is a Javascript library which is used for building user interfaces and single page applications.


 MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It’s used for storing big data sets and organizing that data in tables.

Outside the Classroom

 Besides the learning the necessary technical skills, you benefit from other experiences to prepare for your new career.


Job preparation

Capstone project

Graduation Gala