Afghan Resettlement Initiative

Afghan Resettlement Initiative 

Empowered by the Government of Canada’s commitment to welcome 40,000 refugees and vulnerable Afghans to Canada, Jumpstart has partnered with settlement agencies welcoming those refugees at Canada’s two ports of entry, Toronto and Calgary.  Our team is on the ground and has met with 800+ Afghan refugees as they first arrive in reception centres. We work to ensure refugees are informed about meaningful employment in Canada, how to overcome employment barriers, and how to start pursuing their career journeys in Canada.  

As part of these efforts, we also conduct employment intake interviews to understand the occupational profiles of working-age Afghan refugees, learn about their employment history, and their career aspirations. Aggregated data has been collected and analyzed, and is being made available to interested stakeholders so they can better appreciate who Afghan refugees are and what they have to offer. 

If you are an employer, settlement agency, academic institution, or government, please feel free to review our Afghan Economic Profile Report so as to better engage and support our newest Canadians! It is updated on a monthly basis. 

Special thanks to the following settlement agency providers for partnering with Jumpstart to ensure refugees receive additional employment support and so this data can be made available to better inform stakeholders across Canada. Our work would not be possible without their support!

If you are an Afghan refugee and would like to receive career readiness and employment support, please fill out the form below. Jumpstart is currently working with hundreds of Afghan refugees and providing resume building, mentorship, education recognition, and employment supports.