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Sohaila Khaliqyar
Talent Partner
Sohaila is a Talent Partner at Jumpstart, overseeing the WES Gateway program. With many years of work experience with non-profit organizations, Sohaila has developed a strong passion for advocating and working around human rights issues. She believes that the new media has immense power to bring people closer together and create a more peaceful world. She has worked with marginalized communities to share their stories of hope and dreams through digital media. Every day, she could see how these stories resonated with people around the world to broaden their worldviews and create connections with people they would otherwise never have learned about. Sohaila is passionate about breaking down barriers through social and digital communications and enthusiastic about working with organizations committed to creating a more just world. Her passion and work experience led her to volunteer with Jumpstart, where she leads the WES Gateway program. Sohaila is interested in writing and photography. Currently, she is a MA student in the Communication and Culture program at York University and works with The Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN).