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Communications & Events Partner
Elie’s roles at Jumpstart include social media accounts management, multimedia content creation, ‘Our Story’ writing and directing, and support the team with different initiatives. Born In Aleppo, Syria, Elie left to Lebanon when the situation escalated in his hometown. After he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he won WUSC’s Student Refugee Program scholarship award to continue his studies at the University of British Columbia. In 2020, he graduated with a master’s degree in Journalism. Elie is an advocate for social and environmental justice, focusing on sharing knowledge, raising awareness and facilitating open dialogue to highlight climate crisis, racial, cultural and gender biases, and mental health and wellbeing. He volunteered with various local and global organizations such as the Red Cross, UNDP, and WUSC. He is multilingual, speaking English, Arabic, Armenian, and currently learning French. In his spare time, Elie would either be hiking somewhere in the mountains, enjoying live music shows, or reading a book on his hammock at the beach.