Run, Elvin! (Book)

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By Gabriel Ndayishimiye


Minimum donation$100.00



Gabriel Ndayishimiye is a writer based in London, Ontario. His writing focuses on refugee stories and representations of exile experiences. He critiques the neo-colonial and racialized knowledge structures on which the international refugee system is based. Gabriel is also the Founder & CEO of LivenBooks. He created LivenBooks to attract the growing number of refugee and immigrant intellectuals who are writing about displaced people and the historical impacts of the colonial experience in so many countries. Many of these writers, like Gabriel, have tried to find traditional and even niche publishers but it’s such a competitive market. Gabriel has made it his mission to create a new and inclusive space for these writers to get their works published.

About the book: Contains multitudes: it is at once an expertly-crafted history lesson on the causes and consequences of genocide, an expansive, three-dimensional account of one man’s refugee experience in all its traumas and triumphs, and a love letter from father to son on the power of will, hope, and self-examination over the darkest echoes of history.

A conversation with Gabriel Ndayishimiye, the author of Run, Elvin!