Plantable Postcards

Minimum donation $100.00

A set of 4 plantable postcards


Minimum donation$100.00



Sedra and Shahd Alshamaly, founders of, are two young sisters from Syria. They have turned a tremendously challenging and appalling journey into an inspiration, driven in the force of motivation that is itself an endeavor, ensuring others’ experiences wouldn’t be a duplicate. 

About the postcards: It started off as art pieces on canvases, each a different story, with a different meaning, then evolved into postcards that are 100% plantable, made out of wildflower seeds and sourced in Canada. And these art pieces and postcards are being sold, creating a base of support they can donate towards different aspects of help to the Syrian children. It could be to support their education, to support with their healthcare, to support with food supply and water, with child necessities, etc.

This project is continuing to grow, not going in the intention of stopping, because there will never be too much help, knowing that things are only getting worse back in Syria…