Pride Handwoven Turkish Towel

Minimum donation $100.00

Towel Size: 92×199 cm | 100% Turkish Cotton & Bamboo


Minimum donation$100.00



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About the towels: Handwoven in Turkey, in Buldan village, with 100% Turkish cotton and bamboo. It is the perfect piece for absorbing moisture quickly whether in pool, spa or after bath. Our Handwoven towels made of all-natural fibers, hypoallergenic, and more economical to wash and dry than your standard towel. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend to wash before use. Machine wash in cool water. Hanging your peshtemal to dry is recommended over machine drying as it might cause some shrinkage. This natural fabric is perfect the way it is, please avoid using bleach or harsh detergent to let it serve you for years.